UNO Fest 2017 – Quiver

Review by Tony Carter – Contributor

May 19, 2017

Uno Fest 2017 is off to a strong start with Quiver, a radio play brought to the stage which tells the story of a dysfunctional family that is simultaneously absurd and relatable.

Created by Anna Chatterton, one of NOW Magazine’s top 10 Toronto theatre artists of 2016, Quiver is a fictionalized account of a time in her life. The story focuses on the relationship between youngest daughter Maddie, her older sibling Beatrice, and their mother, and on the stresses that are placed on it when Beatrice begins dating their mother’s ex-boyfriend. Any semblance of a traditional family dynamic is quickly lost and Maddie is left alone in the resulting tumult.

Chatterton’s comfortable stage presence and charisma are supported by clever use of lighting and audio to enhance each scene and denote transitions from character to character and from dialogue to monologue. From the very first sound effect of an arrow being loosed from a bow tension builds that is well managed by Chatterton’s pacing as it builds toward the finale.

Maddie’s story receives greater attention than either Beatrice or their mother, and as a result it seems fairly clear that this is her story and that they are merely supporting characters in it.

The Bottom Line

Quiver makes brilliant use of light and sound. It is a comedy about a family that could very easily take a dark turn at several points, and which is made all the stronger for it.

Quiver – UNO Fest 2017, presented by Intrepid Theatre

Proper Slang Productions

Metro Theatre


UNO Fest 2017 – Quiver
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