Space Hippo

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Space Hippo

Review by Max D’Ambrosio – Writer

August 27, 2016

In line with their previous offerings Oni and Hitodama, the Wishes Mystical Puppet Company/Mochinosha has delivered another masterpiece.

Their shadow puppet science fiction odyssey Space Hippo has everything one could want out of a Fringe show – humour, pathos, action and a robot that shoots food pellets for the titular Space Hippo to chomp. It’s an extraordinary intergalactic adventure, full of intrigue, battle, outlandish characters and haunting beauty.

This is Mochinosha’s most gorgeous shadow puppetry yet, incorporating more diverse special effects and spectacle, as well as the most intricate puppet designs from Seri Yanai. The story penned by Daniel Wishes is full of clever ideas, both whimsical and profound. The pair have also found the perfect accompaniment for their live animation, in the form of Elliot Loran’s stunning original score.

The Bottom Line

Rare are performances as full of power and feeling as this one – it truly must be seen to be believed. Go, Space Hippo, go!

Space Hippo
The Wishes Mystical Puppet Company
The Roxy Theatre
Victoria Fringe Festival 2016
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