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Review by Joshua James Collis – Editor

August 27, 2016

Cameryn Moore bares all. She enters the stage with breasts flying and body exposed, and by the end she reveals a pound of absolute humanity in a visceral and honest performance.

nerdfucker starts of as comedy but naturally evolves into a dramatic character dissection that will leave you in comedic stitches and guttural feelings.

Moore’s character prepares to have men play a game of chess upon her nude back. The house lights never go down, and nothing goes right for Moore’s character as the preparations for the chess game become a metaphor for her relationships with men.

It isn’t just about the character’s relationships. The themes, the emotions and humour transcend the context of the character. Anyone who has ever been treated as an outsider, been discriminated for their body type or felt any embarrassment for being their self will find these feelings resonate.

The Bottom Line

Moore commands so much power from her semi-nude and vulnerable state. Breasts and buttocks briefly escape as Moore never misses a beat. Her performance is on equal footing with the power of her subject matter.

Cameryn Moore/Little Black Book Productions
Downtown Activity Centre
Victoria Fringe Festival 2016
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