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Review by Kelly J. Clark – Showbill.ca Contributor

August 29, 2016

Pope Martin has always been a scrapper, but this time he’s up against the fight of his afterlife: God Himself. Does Marty have what it takes to defeat the ultimate master of the patriarchy and free the world once and for all, or his he just a bum?

Deliciously sacrilegious, Everlast answers the age old question, “What would Sylvester Stallone be like as the Pope?”

The result is a hilarious one man show that keeps the audience on their toes and the edge of their seats. Marty is a Rocky-like everyman with a heart of gold and a head full of bricks. Even the most devout will find themselves in his corner against his holy opponent as he bobs and weaves through the gospels of the ‘Book of Everlas’ and the stories of his life. The show’s greatest strengths lie the star’s energy, keen comedic timing and the casual confidence of a Philadelphia tough-guy that forces grins on the audience from even from the simplest, “hey, yo.”

Kevin K. is a raging bull of an entertainer that hurls himself into the role with everything he has and the result is a knockout performance. While this production is a one-off for Kevin-K Productions’ third run at the Victoria Fringe, audiences will be craving a rematch with the scrappy young pontiff

The Bottom Line

Not for the religiously sensitive, Everlast goes the distance and delivers a deadly combination blow of thoughtful commentary and comedy that will have you on the ropes.

A Kevin K. Production
VCM Wood Hall
2016 Victoria Fringe Festival
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