Review by Joshua James Collis – Editor

March 10, 2017

Prepare to be utterly assaulted by euphoria, as a war across time takes form in the shape of a musical.

Blisskrieg is a new musical comedy by the incomparable Atomic Vaudeville, opening for the 2017 Spark Festival at The Belfry Theatre.

Playwright Alex Wlasenko crafted a wonderful musical. The topics manage to be both timely and timeless while everything is packed with universality and fun.

Songs by Wlasenko and Hank Pine are catchy, and memorable. The music jumps off stage with a live band and an incredible cast, including R.J. Peters and debuting for Vaudeville, Ming Hudson.

Blisskrieg is a spectacle of song and dance delivered with great agency. A time-travelling theatre group serves as a meta-narrative for the world around us. Things get political, but Blisskrieg is so intelligent yet grounded in its execution.

Britt Small and Jacob Richmond direct a tight and well-organized production. Movement and blocking is excellent throughout he piece including many different dance numbers and location changes.

Small describes Blisskrieg as a work in progress. If anything the show really deserves a bigger budget to capitalize on its larger than life musical aspirations.

The Bottom Line

Blisskrieg’s time at Spark Festival has come and gone, but Blisskrieg will certainly return. It’s a musical which will be talked about for years to come.

An all out assault of bliss
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